another way to say the word dayummm`
we walk up in the club them hatas like uagh.

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  • U A G

    under age gash hirst was cracking on to some uag again last night you’re a gangster. or, “you’re a gangsta” according to white people who think they’re ghetto. “hey yo, you a g!” (meaning you’re cool/tight/awesome/seeming to be from the ghetto)

  • UAH

    a s-xual moan, usually woman chick: “grind me uah, uah uah uahhhhhhh” acronym meaning under age hottie or hotty, normally used to describe an attractive 16 or 17 year old female. generally pr-nounced ‘you – ahhh’, and used on the down low. friend 1. “dude, u.a.h.” friend 2. “niiice.” the abbreviation for ugly as h-ll. […]

  • U.A.G.R.

    union of awesome gangsta republic. where only the coolest of all people (mainly gangstas) reside. under this union there are the countries of salor, tayra, westist, and baptin. these countries are not to be messed with because the sheer awesomeness leaves nothing to question but harm for those in their path. dont be naughty, the […]

  • Uahh

    some r-t-rd sound those few idiots make- a variation of a laughing tone when someone gets owned. bread: “man.. my internet is offline” duc edison louis huy vu: “uahh uahh” bread: “r-t-rd”

  • Uahh Huahhh

    a phrase used to say a girl is hot without letting her know that she is hot hot girl walks by… “uahh huahhh” (she’s hot)

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