pr-nounced “oob”. used as a verb by uber drivers to reference time spent driving for the company.
i had a couple of hours to kill between work and the gym so i decided to ube for a while to make money.
filipino word for yam. and you see a lot of (notably purple) philippine food products with ube. purple yam jam generally owns you.
…halukay ube, halukayin niyo ng todo
the filipino word for purple yam. ube is used in a variety of desserts from ice cream to pastries.

ube on occasions, can also take the place of “uber cool.”

1) hey, corey, do you want any ube for dessert?

2) man, that kid is so ube.

naah, maybe like uber lame.
unknown bulk explosives; different kinds of explosives used by insurgents in iraq that can range from fertilizer to plastic explosives.
haji hit our convoy with twenty pounds of ube, didn’t do any damage so we just kept rollin’.
another word for a long-haired bigfoot who can walk to different parts of the country in 5 strides. the ube can digest even the most solid objects. describing the ube can be very difficult but the one promiment feature is the long hair. although the ube is utterly disgusting, women want the creature very badly. the ube can ferment up to 20 bottles of root beer per second.
person 1: what was that thing in the woods?
person 2: it must’ve been an ube. did you leave this root beer on the floor?
person 1: no, i didn’t.
person 2: creepy.
slang for ‘uber’, being the german word for ‘super.
her: “oh my god…did you feel that earthquake??”

me: “totes…it was ubes cool!!…gooooo…..earthquakes!!!!”
1. a friend who always got yo back
down for life … freakin it all the time

2. the condition of having a symbiotic relationship between a big momma and a childish figure
“ay yo girl, you my ubes”

“big momma’s poppin, lil ubesie here”
sometimes, a golfer hits a horrible shot that runs up the fairway to a good position: ugly but effective
as his opponent skips the ball off the water onto the green, 3 feet from the hole.

nice ube, you lucky sob

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