as in ultimate frisbee- the game that is the sport that is rock.
wanna go play ultimate?

yes, i do want go play ultimate, for it is the sport that is rock.
it is the highest of the high, the best, and the unreachable position. therefore, it is absolute; the ending; final.
here’s an example quote from mysp-ce.com/bright503k
“life’s an intricate puzzle. every piece has its place. everything happens for a reason. g-d, our creator, is the ultimate mastermind” –kl
a word buff guys use to overcompensate for their small/lack of genitalia due to natural born causes, genetics, or the steroids they partake in.
dude, that is so ultimate.
as used in the 60s or 70s to describe something new or exciting when under the influence of illegal drugs

“dude your name is jimmy….thats f-cking ultimate dude the vibes are goood man vibess”
aka frisbee club
it is a pastime activity where fellow members of the book society throw around plastic disks and chase after them.

it is commonly known for its lack of a referee and its players supposedly being the kindest and weakest of all atheletes.
it is most often played with dogs.
hey i have a couple minutes to waste with my dog, you wanna go play ultimate?
a he/she in whom one finds, and feels, the bliss of every word defined under the thesaurusized word love.

“bromotha you look like your doped on heaven”, says william.

“yay i found my ultimate”, says j.
to be on the recieving end of a bad situation, or to take on h-ll of a loss
man black tay was on that patron and he had one ultimate cur.

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