(n.) the indian g-ddess of beauty who (according to a quiz machine next to the entrance of the local) the actress uma thurman is named after.
worship uma and be pretty.
a very simple and funny girl. she is dependable but there are a lot of things people don’t know about her. very caring and warm, but a hard-ss on the people who deserve it.
have you seen uma lately?
yeah.. she is awesome.
an extremely pretty, awesome, and hot girl. she is every guy’s dream, some just don’t know it yet. she is fun to be around and is loved by pretty much everyone. if you want to be cool, be -ssociated with uma because she is the best.
dude: “i love uma she is so pretty”
other dude: “ikr…”
unidentified mysterious animal
“have you ever heard of the loch ness monster?”

“now that one i know. you sure are into uma’s”
to go crazy; postal

taken from kill bill’s star. uma thurman
don’t make me go uma on you!
a woman/girl that you either find extremely hot or extremely ugly due to her unconventional beauty (by american standards) and alien-like characteristics, like that of uma thurman. an uma is also most likely to be a b-tterface.
bro #1: “yo man- dibs on the redhead with gl-sses!”

bro #2: “are you f-cking kidding me? that b-tch is a total uma! she’s all yours bro.”
an uma is the black hole the other socks and underwear fall in when you can only find one in the dryer.
omg…..i lost even more socks in the uma….thurman, not stirred.

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