a mad puller and s-xy basket

will forever be rich
best of all…
wish i could be an umarji

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    crook is australian slang for feeling sick as in, “i’m feelin’ real crook, mate.” it can also mean something that is distasteful as in, “that’s crook!” rookwood cemetery is located in sydney, australia, so something must be real bad or rotten to say it’s as crook as rookwood. “mate, seriously, she was as crook as […]

  • scoop up

    to pick someone up with a vehicle. anthony will scoop up the kids at 6 pm. the act of scooping an individual food item off a plate for another individual. ex. “hey, scoop up one of those for me” in reference to a single item. ex. cheese crisp slice.

  • loula

    one that lights the path to harmony. you can’t trust everyone, but you can trust loula.

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    beautiful, intelligent, witty, s-ssy, sp-nky, and an unbelievable s-x drive, cooks like n-bodys business and you won’t find anyone more loyal… if you find this woman keep her and never let her go she is the last of the mohicans.. chaunie is the epitome of irreplaceable

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