where the umbilical cord was cut, and the stump dries up and falls off, leaving an indentation in the middle of your abdomen…a belly b-tton or navel. something that kept you alive, but most commonly it gets cut and separates you from your mother and you at birth…if it doesn’t get cut then you don’t learn to be accountable; and men especially, could suffer separation anxiety from their mothers and have a hard time with all future relationships. it gets tied off and heals up well and is often labeled either an “innie” or an “outie”. pretty cute when girls pierce them, boys sometimes get lint in theirs. a place to store your bubble-gum for later. it’s a nice way to fall asleep, with your finger in your bellyb-tton. it can be pr-nounced um billy kissor um bil like us….
my tummy is sore….no, maybe it’s my tummy b-tton more in the central part of my lower abdomen, just about two fingers to the right of my umbilicus. the newborn baby has had his cord clamp removed, and the skin is slightly moist, so to properly heal up and dry out, we keep the diaper folded down below the level of the infants’ umbilicus.

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