the facade of being busy, when in reality, you’re actually not doing anything worthwhile.
the repet-tive nature of saying “honestly”
the compulsiveness of purchasing from online retailers like groupon and living social.
say nickaaaa, stop fronting like ummais.

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  • Ummar

    meaning a total nooob, someone who thinks there hard, but really is not. i like that james yanno, nah dude, hes a total ummar.

  • Ummayhani

    a really funny, nice, pretty girl. a great friend. usually has nothing bad to say about anyone. guy: wow ummayhani awesome! girl: ya she is! she’s one of my best friends! guy: i should ask her out. girl: you should!!

  • um mays

    this is defined as mum which is a type slang, called piglatin will your um mayscook us dinner?

  • umm... boo?

    what you say when a person says something incredibly lame or stupid. guy a:”yo wh-ssup my peeps?” guy b: “umm… boo?”

  • umm boy

    strait up indian out of sap. #sapper long time ago nates came out of sap came to mans land and said umm boy before there sentece

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