unable to be defeated; able to be undefeated; pre-requisite to being undefeated
man #1 – “hey man, did you see gsp fight last night?”

man #2 – “yeah dude, that guy is undefeatable right now!”
a word in huston street’s dictionary: to lack the ability to fail
“if you’re staring straight ahead like you’re undefeatable, then you’re a longhorn.”
not able to lose at beer pong
andrea and sarah are undefeatable at beer pong!!

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  • Undefecated

    the t-tle of half-term alaska governor sarah palin’s propaganda movie, debuting 7/15/11. i’m going to go see the new harry potter movie this weekend. that sarah palin movie undefecated looks like a total suckfest.

  • undefeation

    having possession of an undefeated record in a given compet-tive season. “the new england patriot’s had undefeation in the 2007 regular season just to be beaten by the new york giants in the super bowl” “i had undefeation last year and hope to keep it this year.”

  • Undefective

    when something defective becomes back to the way it should be my water is defective but i fixed it so now it’s undefective

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    something that cannot be defended against. usually used in reference to sports. “mario lemiuex was a great player, but in his prime, gretzky was undefendagainstable!”

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    um… so what do i put? if you havent figured out the definition yet then your stupidity is undefinable

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