a s-xual innuendo
person 1: d-mn he gave me an amazing undercut last night.
a hairstyle in which the sides and back are shaved and long hair is grown at the top of the head
diago: when i put me hurr in a pony tail y’all can see my short hair
manne: ya diago your undercut is tight
a hairstyle that has been in existance for quite awhile. now branded popular by the dubstep artist skrillex. many guys and girls have been randomly on whim deciding to shave one side of their head, do to its growing popularity in the dubstep crowd.

sadly, only a handful of individuals can actually pull this hair-do off. leaving a majority of the hip-crowd who think it looks cool thanks to the fame of a certain sonny moore, look fairly odd, or unattractive(including skrillex himself).
guy 1: hey man, check out her undercut!

guy 2: she looks like skrillex!

guy 1: we should do it too!
a very common sort of haircut worn by people with opinions. often -ssociated with bands like 36 crazyfists, avenged sevenfold, and dredg. excessive use of undercuts in -ssociation with strumming of chords can cause sudden precipitation, even inside. see also dyess
that’s just your opinion, undercuts are indeed common.

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