a cannabis bowl packed to the degree that it’s comparable to wrestler undertaker and his moves.
“dude, i just packed an undertaco that’ll get you stoned out of your mind!”

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  • oh nice

    basically used when people are trying to find a way to say they dgaf about a conversation and want to be somewhere else “hey, i had a sandwich for lunch!” “oh nice..”

  • big tobacco

    when you shove tobacco into your urethra and have you or your partner smoke it. she smoked my big tobacco last night.

  • faster faster zap zap

    during s-xual intercourse, when you are allowed back door entry, is the -n-l s-x in which you make quick, but feisty, hits with the tip. the male cow was herding the female cow with his prod, using his faster faster zap zap skills! that cow had back door entry, and fun -n-l s-x!

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  • eshal

    eshal, the name give to beautiful human being, she is kind and puts others befor her selves. ‘eshal’ is an arabic name that means- ‘flower in paradise’ my good friend is called eshal.

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