someone who is so indescribably unattractive that it is impossible to f-ck them.
“i’ve thought about it dude, but she isn’t just ugly, she’s mean. totally uneffable.”
short for un-effing-believable; un-f-cking-believable; unbelievable
“that concert was uneffable!” -roger

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  • unefficient

    the ownage of a person who says unefficient isn’t a word jack has a unefficient pancreas

  • unegoddamnquivocally

    more serious than g-d (and/or g-ds) in any matter ever. johnny: “hey bro, i’m not sure if this movie is gonna be your best opening or not.” vince: “johnny, seriously, i am unegodd-mnquivocally confident in this thing and even less my performance. it’s gonna be a success no matter what and maybe even a hit.”

  • uneida

    pr-nounced “you-need-a,” it is diarrhea so explosive that it splatters the applicable toilet and, in severe cases, surrounding fixtures and walls. “someone uneidaed one of the men’s room stalls. i’m never shopping at this target again!”

  • unejumacated

    a cool way of saying uneducated. “cuz ur ‘unejumacated’ as u would say it while in ur f-ckin cl-ss for r-t-rds what chapter in math r u in ?”

  • Latiff

    the s-xiest pimp in the world a jamacan bob sledder with dreads latiff is the man who is queen latiffa

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