posessing only one t-st-cl-.
bush has decided to take unilateral action on iraq.
to do something without france
even though the u.s. had the help of the british and several other countries, the u.s. invaded iraq unilaterally.
1. when a country does something on its own that affects the entire world with no help or support from any other country, such as go to war.

2. when america does something on its own that affects the entire world with the help and support of afghanistan, albania, australia, azerbaijan, bulgaria, colombia, the czech republic, denmark, el salvador, eritrea, estonia, ethiopia, georgia, hungary, iceland, italy, j-pan, south korea, latvia, lithuania, macedonia, the netherlands, nicaragua, the philippines, poland, romania, slovakia, spain, turkey, united kingdom, uzbekistan, costa rica, dominican republic, honduras, kuwait, marshall islands, micronesia, mongolia, palau, portugal, rwanda, singapore, solomon islands, and uganda, such as go to war.
does that look very unilateral to you? if it does, then you might be brainwashed.
any action not expressly approved by at least three of the following:
a) the acting secretary general of the united nations.
b) at least a two thirds majority of the world’s third-world dictators.
c) france.
d) germany.
lacking the rubber stamps of kofi annan, france, germany, and various savory characters such as fidel castro and saddam hussein, one can logically conclude that us action against iraq was unilateral.

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