mix of being unpredictable and not being productive
building that shelf was unpreductable, now we have to build a new one.

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  • unprogrammer

    a “programmer” on a team who causes reverse progress whenever they write code. everything was working fine until our unprogrammer, mike, tried to “improve” it.

  • un-pick-upable

    lame, nefariously lame buy. that store uptown sells total cr-ppy un-pick-upables from cds to books..and you know what’s the whole prob matey..thier prices are astro!

  • Unpromptedly

    doing an act without being prompted to. ‘he unpromptedly attacked the dog’

  • Unproper

    improper use of improper. misinformed: oh, yeah? it’s you’re not your. don’t use unproper grammar if you’re going to argue. me: -facepalm-

  • Unproperty

    something not propertized the girl broke up with her boyfriend by telling him she was now unproperty

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