to be at a level of extreme awesomeness.
aaron, that trick was unwell!

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  • unwhetted

    to be dry. super dry. to make everyone around you super dry. especially the ladies. he was totally unwhetted after blow drying his hair and covering himself in talc-m powder.

  • unwhipable

    the state of being wholly incapable of being whipped, or being submissive and completely controlled by a member of the opposite s-x james wears the pants in that relationship; he is unwhipable

  • Unwhippable

    incapable of being whipped and never will be whipped by anyone jeff chandler is unwhippable.

  • unwhite

    1) when one attempts to transform a person who is not from a white origin to return their habits and mannerisms to their native origins from the mother land. 2) the opposite of white, similar to unblack. applies to any person who does not behave in their own stereotypical ethnic profile. boi: hi mai ling […]

  • unwhoreganized

    when a hoebag is entirely unsatisfactory and makes a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge mess. geoff: i had a good weekend meng, i f-cked alotta b-tches! how was yo weekend? timothy: pretty sub-par ya dig? geoff: i dig. please elaborate on the sub-parness. timothy: well i picked up this b-tch at a bar, and she was straight up unwh-r-ganized […]

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