acronym for unofficial patch: a series of bug fixes, texture adjustments and just general gameplay tweaks to games that are publicly modifiable. these patches are not offered with retail copies of the game, and u.p.’s are usually made by skilled game modders or modding projects/collaborations, and not the game developer itself.
the unofficial skyrim patch is an u.p.
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(adjective) hard or erect
as soon as she dropped her underpants, i was up.
not down.
up is not down.
s-xually penetrating another person, usually man-to-woman.
get up her, man, the world ain’t gonna repopulate itself.
the direction facing away from the field of gravity that most affects the traveler.
the elevator took us up to the seven-and-a-half floor.
the direction above you, unless you are upside down.
man, i was just sitting there and i was like, “man, when i look up i see the sky.”
the ending for just about every city in western australia.
noongar for ‘place of’.
joondalup, karrinyup, dandalup, dwellingup, nannup, yallingup, manjimup, boyanup etc.
un-protected s-x

used between mates when describing the act of sh-gging without a rubber.
“yeah, i had u.p.s last night”
“how was it”
“wet and warm”

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