a video game, produced in 2000 by introversion software, an english (see england) company. it is a game about hacking (see hack and hacker) in the year 2010. while not realistic to “real” hacking, it is similar to “movie” hacking.

it is a breakthrough in modern games on the pc, because it was made though so-called “bedroom programming”.
i was playing uplink and i got caught; so i had to hack the gcd (global criminal database) to clear my record and get a new job.
an amazing game produced by introversion software which allows you to ‘hack’ into various companies and systems.

much more user-friendly than most other hacking sims i’ve played, it’s very easy to get into but it takes a lot of work to master.

you can download a free demo on introversion’s website…
agent name:data3
grade:grade 6 uplink agent
neuromancer:morally bankrupt
bank balance: 250k
i learned some interesting things about computers and programming through uplink.

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