short for one-upmanship.
he always exercises upmanship upon me.

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  • upmerge

    a nautical term, meaning to rise above the surface of the water. the opposite of submerge. from the deepest, most profound depths of the ocean, the sleek and deadly submarine blew its ballast and began to upmerge.

  • upminster

    “beyond barking”. where barking means mentally deranged. barking is a stop on the district line of the london underground, and the stop at the end of the line, beyond barking, is upminster. most of his ideas are barking, but this one is upminster.

  • upmo

    you p-ss me off. the “u” is shorthand for the word “you.” commonly used on the internet by those of low intellect, but in this case, to mock them. hence the “u” and not “you” gtfo no, upmo

  • upmob

    a drunken picture usually taken on a blackberry, iphone, or mobile device owned by one of the hoe$ at a party- pictures are usually taken of large groups of people in a mirror; a short form for the term ‘mobile upload’ which is the t-tle of the alb-m the pictures are uploaded to on facebook […]

  • upmod

    the act of voting an entry (like those on reddit or digg) up to show one’s approval. “upmod this link if you think midgets are funny!”

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