upperclass syndrome

when an upper cl-ssmen spends most of his time trying to get with younger girls, but usually doesnt succeed.
garrett is always spittin at the sophmore girls, but doesn’t get much. he has uppercl-ss syndrome.

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  • Upperclass waif

    a homeless waif that has more then a normal waif. this waif maybe have a house sh-tty but okay looking house. uppercl-ss waifs are people you see everyday that smell bad and dress kinda of lame.

  • Upper-Class White Trash

    a person which comes from a poor to middle cl-ss family but you would never guess this due to their style, intelligence and sophistication. you had no clue how poor i was growing up cuz i’m upper-cl-ss white trash!

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    a fart that exits through the upper b-tt crack region. d-mn girl, that fart was slappy. i think it was an upper cracker.

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    the term used to describe the new republican presidential ticket that combines mitt romney and paul ryan. not only are their eye-popping incomes considered upper cl-ss, their entire agenda caters to the top 1% wealthiest people in america. i don’t believe the new uppercrat party could ever understand how the rest of the 99% live.

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