urban sprawl

pubic hair that is past the underwear line.
i have to manicure my urban sprawl girl
covering every green ppeice of land with housing developments that are filled with poorly made, yet m-ssive, houses that all look identical(mc mansions), gas stations, malls, strip malls, chain restrants, etc. so corporate -ssholes can buy hummers and f-ck up our envirornment just like how our society is f-cked up.

go take shrooms, youll learn somthing.
urban sprawl is another thing that americans will one day regret.

(interchange causes malls,
and crouded chain resterants.
more housing developments go up
named afer the things they replace.
so welcome to medow brook,
and welcome to shady sp-ce.
well it all seems a bit abrupt,
no, i dont like this change of sp-ce.

-modest mouse)

cloned houses equals cloned minds.
when formerly rural areas are threatened by the encroachment of urban areas. happens when people move and commute further and further away from the city, soon to be followed by strip malls, walmart, cookie-cutter housing developments and suvs driven by soccer moms and corporate fatcats. some people complain that it also causes higher taxes, higher crime and pollution.
urban sprawl happens near every city of reasonable size but occurs the fastest in the sun belt. urban sprawl is addressed in the song “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”
expansion of the female pubic hair population outside the panties and down the legs.
saw this persian girl at the beach. she had the worst case of urban sprawl that i hade ever seen, until her mother stood up.
the area that needs to be maintained around the v-g-n-. get a bikini wax to rid yourself of the urban sprawl epidemic.
don’t get laser, urban sprawl might come into fashion
when a man and a woman have s-x in the middle of the street at 1 a.m. in the morning while wearing glowing sneakers so cars see them.
dude, did you see mike and sarah doing the urban sprawl last night? when they were done they both had scratches on their bodies. you could totally tell they did the urban sprawl.
a s-xual position in which more than one artery of the body is penetrated at one time, creating quite a bit of congestion. often resulting in horrific accidents…..the least lethal of which ends in abortion.
question: did you see jenn get urban sprawled last night? from front and behind?

response: yeah, eric and blair sure got her good!
when a group of idiots stand talking idly on the pavement/sidewalk and have not left any room for the flow of people to get past them.
i was trying to get in to the shop, but the urban sprawl was blocking the entrance.

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