a girl, guy, or thing that is beyooond ugly.
g-d d-mn kylee is one urgly girl

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  • Urgness

    the constant word you use when getting freaking confused and everybody calls you a dumb blond/dumb brunnett. “urgness, this door wont open!! i hate it hate it hate it!!”

  • Urgonometry

    1. the study of cool people. :d 2. if something is “urgonemtry” its really cool! =) a lot of people wish they were as urgonometry as mckenna. :d

  • urgot

    a giant world renowned s-x predator oh, look its an urgot

  • Ur good

    means your on my good side, your doing well, when being used positively. the negative definition would be used to shut someone up cause they are being rude, or a no thank you gesture. can be used either way depending on tone and context. when your trying to get to know a girl and she […]

  • ur grandma

    if ur mom gets old after a while, in place of it you say ur grandma ted-hey ed-urmom ted-whatsup ed-urmom ted-urmom! ed-ur grandma!

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