V meat

p-ssy,c-nt,tw-t,rose bud.
where v stands for v-lv-+ meat.
i got some of kathy’s v meat.

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    taking two vyvanse caps guy: dude i just popped a v-twin. other guy: d-mn mon! when two guys f-ck one girls p-ssy at the same time, while coordinating their thrusting such that when one is moving in, the other is moving out; thus simulating the piston action of a v-twin motorcycle engine. if the timing […]

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    shoving nutella up your v-g-n- for pleasure i vutella when my hubs is out of town and i can’t be s-xually pleasures by him


    a very pleasing; delightful v-g-n- wow baby you p-ssy is vagilicious today!!!! good looking woman you would like to date that is one vagilicious lady

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