va j j killer

some one who got a lot of p-ssy in one night
d-mn man i was the va j j killer last night

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  • y'ver

    the merger between the words “you” and “ever.” hey lexi.. y’ver heard this song on the muzak station in the office? ohh yeah miles!! dat sh-t is off da hook!

  • rabtackle

    to make some 1 look a fool with an outstanding piece of skill in football, rugby, basketball etc. he totally rabtackled you you know when youve been rabtackled.

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    the comeback to any insult/negative comment see so’s your face and i know you are but what am i can only be countered by “if i wanted a comeback, i’d wipe it off your chin” protester: your bl–dy war has killed hundreds, if not thousands of people, destroyed countless amounts of property, and has made […]

  • The 4 S's

    sh-t, shower, sin, sleep the acts performed in order at night that are 1) taking a cr-p, 2) taking a shower, 3) jerking off then 4) going to bed. you guys gotta leave my house soon, almost time for the 4 s’s.

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