va te faire foutre

french expletive, meaning go “f-ck yourself”.
a: voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
b: va te faire foutre!
literally, ‘go do / make yourself.’ one of the most vulgar forms of dismissal in the french language. to execute the gesture, make a fist with the right hand, and extend the arm out straight, parallel to the ground, fingers up. with the left hand open, slap the right bicep just above the elbow while raising the right forearm upwards to 90 degrees. known as the ‘bras d’honneur.’

roughly equivalent to f-ck off, go f-ck yourself, up yours, etc.
while stopped at a red light, the person behind you honks their horn for you to move. you give them the bras d’honneur, and shout through the open window, ‘va te faire foutre, putain d’espèce d’enculé!’
“f-ck you” or, more literally, “go f-ck yourself”

this is the correct conjugation of the verb ‘aller’ because this is an imperative sentence. the imperative form of ‘aller’ in the second person is ‘va.’ i had to clarify this because there is another definition on this site, where the author vehemently states that it is ‘vas te faire foutre’ and that is pretty obviously incorrect (for anybody who got past the first week of french 101).
tu n’es qu’un con…va te faire foutre, putain de connard!

fous le camp, fiche-moi la paix, va te faire enculer, tu me fais chier, je t’emmerde
french insult: ‘f-ck you’
va te faire foutre enculé !
‘go f-ck yourself’ in french (singular)

alternatively “allez vous faire foutre” for strangers or more than one person
(translation: go f-ck yourselves)

nb contrary to the belief of others, ‘va’ is in fact the correct conjugation of ‘aller’ in this context, as while it is in second person (usually ‘tu vas’ = you go), the s is dropped in the imperative form.
marie: tu es une salope.

(you are a b-tch/sl-t)

françoise: va te faire foutre!

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