Vag Flaps

another word for the l-b– or the skin surrounding the opening of a girl’s v-g-n-.

pr-nunciation: vaj flaps
your vag flaps keep gettin’ in the way, i can’t get in!
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the flap of vag which is the equivalent of p-n-s wrinkle.
man becky is such a vag flap.

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  • vaginacide

    -(noun) the domination and obliteration of v-g-n-s. that boy is a v-g-n-cidal mania. the v-g-n-cide occurred at the frat party!

  • vagina crunch

    the act of punching a girl/women in the v-g-n- then yelling v-g-n- crunch loudly boy1.v-g-n- crunch girl2.ow my v-g-n-

  • Vagina Leg Syndrome (VLS)

    can only be seen when wearing shorts; when someone (commonly found on females) has a large ammount of fat sagging off of the backs of their legs. when the legs are closed together, the fat resembles a v-g-n-. while running in gym one day, kim and tiffany were jogging outside. a girl with v-g-n- leg […]

  • vaginal fury

    a condition of a female’s reproductive organ in which it grows series of reciprocating, jagged teeth that effectively destroy and consume any male genitalia in the general vicinity. “as nelson regained consciousness he realized he fell victim to the whorish woman’s v-g-n-l fury.” 1 more definition when a girl releashes the juices all over you […]

  • vaginal orifice

    formal name for the hole that men insert their erect p-n-ses into in order to reproduce and/or most often for pleasure. in other words, it’s the hole that men like to f-ck and make babies in. i want to have s-x in your v-g-n-l orifice, babe. what can i say?

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