Vag hair

hair on the v-g-n- duh
cindy is a young woman now she got vag hair

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  • vagina maggot

    when ones tampon string hangs below the panty line or bathing suit bottom. hence being visible to others, also resembling a maggot hanging from the v-g-n-. 1.dude she sat down in her mini skirt and all i could see was her v-g-n- maggot.

  • Vagina Points

    when a female gets some thing because she has a v-g-n-. also known as vp kaeli hands in her drawing to the teacher, he looks at her and sas. this b material but im going to give you an a cause i like you additude rebbeca sas to marc hey can you buy me food […]

  • Vagina Win

    what courtney thinks is a win, but is a utter fail….on a mammoth scale i win 1:06 pm that’s a v-g-n- win right there if i ever saw one 1:06 pm ….ive looked and there is no v-g-n- win in the urban dictionary so your win is v o i d

  • vagmunger

    a lover of the vag male or female alys is such a vagmunger

  • Vagulent

    adj. (vaj’oo lent) bloated with gas up the p-ssy. one fine summer day on the farm, buck-toothed marianne-annie-may-lumpkins was f-cked by her horse, brother, father, brother again, cousin and father together, and it left her all vagulent.

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