often homeless
jesus was a vagabond in his mid thirties and on.
a lone wondering person often called a drifter or a loner, unable to fit in regular socity and has no stationary home
dude drake is such a vagabond moving from city to city every week hes got no home
a wanderer belonging to no fixed place or home, someone who straggles from place to place, a tramp or degenerate.
do you know that man is a vagabond!
an autistic, blind, deaf, paralyzed homeless baby orphan who has aids (although they are always virgins) and ebola, is without arms, legs, or genitals, and is allergic to food, water, and oxygen. they are commonly named zachary.
i brutally murdered 80 vagabonds with a spork and threw a cheerwine bomb at them.
vagabond – :verb

– since of style. this person is very carefree, they were clothes simply out of comfort, and versatility . . and happen to be fashionable .. which makes their style effortless.

a vagabond is a free spirit and rarely ever cares about anyone’s opinion about them.

to master this look you have to abandon all fashion rules and dress to comfort, being able to mix texture , prints , and fabric is key !
my outfit today is a vagabond look , very simple.
this is when women spend quality time bonding with their v-g-n-. it is such an important time because it really helps women up their self-esteem and make them feel better about themselves.
she couldn’t go out to eat because she had a vagabond last night. just some pure, quality time. what a strong women!
someone who loves to crank and party. doesnt like the party to end and go home. they like to carry on. always looking for a move and bags.
ets didnt’t want to end the party and go home. he is such a vagabond.

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