Vagina Beard

an v-g-n- that hasn’t been shaved ever and has a huge amount of hair. its like a normal beard if you don’t shave it for about a year. except on a girls v-g-n-.
guy 1: dude i saw brittany naked.
guy 2: does she have a v-g-n- beard?
guy 1: yeah. yeah she does.
guy 2: ew
used to describe a woman who has facial hair and leaves you wondering what she has down under. usually the result of poor female hygiene.
did you see that girl in our photography cl-ss? she has more facial hair than me…she must be a v-g-n-beard!
the act of a man’s facial hair resembling an unshaven v-g-n-.
dude, check out his v-g-n- – beard!

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