a v-g-n-ville is where the h-rny boys go to get some

they have a v-g-n-fest every year where there is a ‘f-cking booth.’ similar to a kissing booth, you pay a dollar, you get some

v-g-n-ville may also be used as a slang term for a very sl-tty girl
1: “she has had s-x with six different guys in the last two weeks! she even knew them, they weren’t one night stands!”

2: “she is such a v-g-n-ville”


boy 1: “dude, i need to get laid”
boy 2: “well, i hear that girl is v-g-n-ville! just go talk to her.”

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    laughing my fat -ss off and rolling on the floor laughing >>you look like a pig >>really??? >>just playing lmf–arothl

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