(verb): to female -j-c-l-t-, i.e., to shoot liquid from one’s v-g-n- during -rg-sm. (this phenomenon occurs in a minority of women.)

see also: vajaculation, n.

etymology: vaj (short for v-g-n-) + -j-c-l-t-.
watch out if you go down on jessica — she’s liable to vajaculate in your face when she comes.
1. the female -j-c-l-t–n
2. the act of -j-c-l-t-ng into a v-g-n- without a condom (a heteros-xual action)
1. john went down on sandra for a whole hour last night and she vajaculated all over his face!
2. “how did you get pregnant?”

“well, we were having s-x and all of the sudden he vajaculated without warning.”

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