noun – to be an overall boring, yet somehow manipulative, person who is content living in the background until they decide to do someone or something dirty. usually applied to a person who has been convincing someone else to cheat on their partner with them.

verb – to do something that others would consider wrong, usually used in a s-xual or intimate context. is often used to describe a person with low morals and a lack of respect for boundaries.
noun – “do you see that girl over there? no, not the pretty one. the bookish, plain one in the corner who isn’t very friendly. yeah, i heard she hooked up with sarah’s bf while sarah was at work. what a vander-ghinsty thing to do to someone.

verb -” that chick brandi decided to get drunk and vander-ghinsted all over town last night. and now she has the audacity to complain that all men are cheating, unloving b-st-rds. what a piece of work.”

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