vanessa anne hudgens

star of high school music that takes nudes for her boyfriend just to have them spread all over the internet.
vanessa anne hudgens is the type of role model we have our kids look up to now-a-days.
she is a actress/singer. her voice is an annoying high pitch and she totally got a b–b job. she took pictures of herself naked so i dont think she should be in hsm 3. shes a baddd influenceeee. she cant sing. or act for that matter. the character she plays is such a sn-b. and so is sheee. she struts around with zac efron and acts like her life is perfect.
omg i amm so pretty. im vanessa anne hudgens. my life job and bf are perfecttt. ill just go be a nudist now.
a 18 year old actress who took dirty pics of herself nude to keep things alive which later ends up with her humilated as they’re all over the internet.
give vanessa anne hudgens nude a search, and the results will come up with more than you get for the actor charlie sheen; also resulting in a larger -rg-sm than he was able to give a woman.
multi-“talented” star who’s ethnic background includes:
filipino, chinese, spanish, irish, and native american.

this combination has given life to the most beautiful, cute, pretty, call it what you want to call it, young celebrity actress/singer combo this side of the mississippi.

“cot d-mn, vanessa anne hudgens is gorgeous!”

“you can’t look directly look at vanessa anne hudgens or you’ll burn your retinae.”

“vanessa anne hudgens is proof that g-d exists. only a supreme being could channel his power to create a living, breathing, miracle, who is beauty personified.”
a very famous half filipino-american teen actress. she got famous by starring in the disney hit movie, high school musical.

currently dating zac efron. zac and vanessa are one of the most super powerful teen couple in hollywood today.

she’ hot s-xy too!
oliver: hey who’s that chick in that movie high school musical? she’s so d-mn s-xy!

christian: oh you mean that exotic girl! her name’s vanessa anne hudgens!!!! hottness right?

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