varsha means rain in sanskrit/hindi. most girls with the name varsha were born when it rains. and every year on their birthday it rains. varsha is someone who everyone trusts with their secrets. varsha gets along with everyone, and radiates beauty everywhere she goes…just like rain. varsha is also a person who everyone wants to hang out with. varsha also may seem shy at first but really can be the life of the party. varsha’s have more than one personality and act differently according to who they are with.
i can tell varsha anything because she is so trustworthy.
varsha’s are wonderful and amazing girls! if you’ve got one hold on tight! varsha’s are extremely fun, happy, loving, caring, loyal, amazing, funny, beautiful, real, intelligent and make the best friends and girlfriends ever! they are the epitome of happiness. varsha’s laugh at almost anything and have the gift of gab. they also have great fashion sense and know how to have fun. so if you know a varsha…make sure you tell her everyday how wonderful she is!
did you see varsha today?

i love varsha!

me too, she’s the most wonderful person i know!
rain in hindi, sanskrit and many indian languages. many people like to name their daughters with this name.
my friend’s name is varsha
rain, in the language hindi, ppl in india name girls in this name.
hi! my name is varsha.
orianne: look over there it’s p-ssy! we need to feed it tuna.

rami varsha: shame.
word to describe a scientifically inclined, egg shaped, human
look at that egg headed scientist, she’s such a varsha!
a very very high quality prost-tute
for a prost-tute on the streets of san francisco u dont have to pay that much but for a varsha, the price is very high.

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