a hoe.

end of discussion. ladies hide yo man, she’s coming for you.
l: what’d you do today?
varshika: got me some d-ck! boi

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  • dopaphobic

    ones fear of running out of drugs. (dope) when harlie runs low on meth she tends to have dopaphobic tendencies.

  • sinstress

    a mischievously dark, dreamy, devilish, s-xy, chaotic witchy ghoul that makes all your nightmares come alive she’s such a sinstress!

  • hoopan*gg*

    wasted white girl slang for dr. mcgillicuddy liquor. girl let’s get a bottle of hoopan-gg- and lose our minds.

  • genrist shawn rist

    when someone discriminates a game, movie or series based on it’s genre. sam :i hate heroes of the storm because i don’t like mobas maarten : he has never played hots, he is a genrist (shawn-rist)

  • 666 666 6666

    don’t even try calling it i called 666-666-6666 last night, then satan took my soul

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