usually a man with a m-ssive p-n-s and probably one of the coolest people on the planet. everyone should aspire to be a varun. most of the time, a varun will be seen with a crowd of amazingly s-xy girls.
omg, varun almost looked at me today. i have been blessed.
god of water
varuna pulled his fiery white green sea horse to a stop and the tornado p-ssed away.
1.) to stab an individual using a pencil or other writing utensil.
2.) a hilarious indian that greatly improved the quality of life for the remainder of the population.
1.) john doe varuned his sister because she was obsessed with geo caching.

2.) that indian kid is pretty funny and chill, but he’s no varun!

3.) swag. swag. swag. swag. swag.
the s-ssiest person you will ever met.
oh man! that varun just cut me up!
a person that behaves like a tarzan but spends free time, philosophically trying to find a way to make the creatures only he can see, seen by all. very fascinated by ancient myths and forecasts of impending doom.dedicated his life to finding the bermuda triangle’s mysteries and every atlas across his path will have the bermuda triangle inscribed onto it.
wait, so i’m in the stomach of a monster and i can see you, stop being a varun
why is the bermuda triangle drawn in my atlas, i’m going to get the varun that did this.
so a giant prism will be dropped by aliens which will wipe out the human race with concentrated moon beams, you can stop being a varun now thank you very much
a born tarzan, with the blood of the wild. highly obsessed with large rodents and birds. favors capybaras and albatrosses.
surprises people with sudden displays of animal-like behavior
you climbed that gate like a monkey, you’re such a varun.
a idiot with a small brain. he can be a good friend at times but is a complete idiot.
he is such an varun

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