vasilika opari

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  • the wet one

    very s-xy. can make girls wet with his mind. very good in the bed. he has a pineapple fetish. the wet one likes to give sad handjob to wet people.

  • chicken nugget walk

    a walk that looks like a chicken. person 1-wow she moves nice. person 2-ya, must be the chicken nugget walk.

  • elementary school boner

    a b-n-r so large, but yet so misunderstood that young school students take pride when getting one. no way, i heard jack and sally got to see andrew’s elementary school b-n-r under the swing set.

  • dreamfidelitie

    when your significant other is cheating on you in your dream. yeah, i haven’t had a dreamfidelitie in a while.

  • the louisiana duck call

    the act of farting into a women’s v-g-n-. “put your legs up baby and let me give you the louisiana duck call”

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