a digital art style that uses vector software, such as adobe ill-strator, and flash.

vector drawings, unlike pixel drawings, are done using the pen tool, which creates “paths” that are seen as points (like on an x and y axis) by your computer. because of the fact that they are paths and not pixels, you could zoom in on a vector picture without it getting that ugly pixelly look. (this will not work, however, if you copy a vector drawing into a non-vector program (raster program) such as paint or something, and zoom in. then you will see pixels.)

while photoshop does have a pen tool, if you make a “vector” with it, you will not be able to scale your image to whatever size you want. some people argue that this means that they are not vector images. others argue the opposite.

finding a cool looking image on the internet, and clicking filter, artistic, cutout, in photoshop does not create a vector image. with a vector image, you can manipulate your colors to suit your picture. a cutout gives you no control of this, and a lot of them aren’t even very recognizable; just a bunch of colors.

there are also vexels, which are like vectors, except they are made in raster programs, such as photoshop. this, however, should be an entire definition in itself, written by someone who knows more about the subject.

let’s review, shall we?

a vector is a work of aart made in a vector program (or, as some would argue, with the use of a pen tool in any program that has a pen tool)

the cutout tool does not create a vector.
while many vector programs can be extremely expensive, there is a freeware vector program called inkscape. google it. it’s a nice tool if you are just getting into vectors.

a quant-ty fully described with a magnit-tude and a direction.
force is a vector quant-ty. to say 10n is not enough to fully describe force. to say 10n, right, is fully describing force.
vector marketing is a subsidiary of alcas and controls the general sales of a line of kitchen cutlery called cutco. there has been much controversy surrounding the trio of companies. vector and cutco rely on advertising by word-of-mouth and making no cold calls to homes, and going in and performing hands-on demonstrations of cutco products. some claim that they are perfectly legitimate, and there are more than a few success stories within the business.

however, others believe that it is a huge corporate scam, luring in new college kids who’re wet behind the ears at jobseeking with vague employment ads and job descriptions, and generating a false sense of compet-tion. reps may be offered anywhere between $10 to $15 per doc-mented appointment, regardless of sales but with a c-mulative incentive rate. however, sales reps will have to use their own car to drive to their appointments within a 10 mile raduis, and neither vector nor cutco will pay for the gas. the 9-hour training is unpaid as well.

some go further, claiming that what the young sales representatives are taught does not match up to doc-mented facts about cutco knives and the materials used in them, and that they are fed misleading information about their compet-tors and told to, in turn, feed that to the customers. also, new reps are to first sell to their family and friends as ‘field training’.

as it stands, the scam testimonials are far more numerous than the success stories.
“so i hooked a job with vector. man, i’m gettin’ pumped!”

“i’ve been with vector for five years, and i’m making loads of money!”

“aww, man! vector totally scammed me! i’ll never get those hours back!”
1) a quant-ty with both a magnitude and a direction.

2) an organism (e.g., rat or mosquito) that spreads a disease by transporting the pathogen that causes it from one host to another.
1) speed is a scalar, but velocity is a vector.

2) rats were vectors for the bubonic plague.
a usless network company running the electricity supply in auckland largest city in nz – they currently hold the monopoly for lines in this area and really know how to price gauge there customers

they use contractors for all there work – to which they under pay and strike – making the network super efficent
vecotr pole top connection costs $1300 that the customer doesn’t own

vecotr takes 10 days to get someone to site to quote

vector never talk to customers –

vector currently have there contractors on stike due to lack of pay
the antagonist in despicable me that is always wearing pajamas, has a lady pouch, and talks to toilets.
friend 1: hey who’s that goofy looking dude in the orange pajamas?

friend 2: those aren’t pajamas! but that is vector…
a p-n-s.
is that a vector in you’re pants?

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