something you say when you don’t know what to say
dude1: dude like seriously she totally wants the d
dude2: velnorp

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  • veniaho

    adj. crazy looking guuurrrlll, you so veniaho! or look! her dress is veniaho, i wonder where she got it.

  • veranimous

    describes the one and only beau s. who doesn’t live in gilford yet goes to our school and doesn’t have to pay tuition for some odd reason. he is also multi’talented in many way. he ca’t stretch though. his house is abouuut the size maryland, give or take a few. beau like peanut b-tter cup […]

  • verbal diary

    your personal lexicon. if you’re legit, it’s full of dope sh-t. “d-mn you cracks me up! your verbal diary half belongs on urban dictionary!”

  • Vermendurgen

    the unavoidable noise made when caught off guard by a friendly greeting from a woman, to which the user has no response. woman: hi how are you today? man:(stunned and uncontrollably) vermendurgen…. (then swiftly walks away)

  • Vespoochee

    (n) a mammal that is weird, random, or confusing at times. “carl is a vespoochee all day, everyday.”

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