Vernon Hills

a rich town near lake forest. kids in this town drink, smoke, and gamble alot. most girls are hot but have been around the block a couple of times or haventeven been up to bat.
dude tina’s hot but shes been around the block like 4 times
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a preppy town mainly rich kids their high school is one of the best in illinois. there is alot of stores there
lets go shopping at vernon hills.
a boring town north of chicago in which there is nothing to do except shop. part of my best friends wedding was filmed there.
dude, let’s go to vernon hills and have some fun. oh wait, there is nothing there. nevermind.
a town filled with carnie circus folk-like beings. it also feaures sc-m of the earth dwellings used to house the carnie folk and thier vw jetta’s. painted pengiun in hawthorn mall is the headquartes for the sc-m to orginize the spreding of thier sc-mmyness throughout bloomington-normal
shira and her carnie friends work at hawthorn mall in vernon hills
a town with inhabitants so sc-my that its neighboring town, libertyville paid its inferior high school so they would not infest theirs. its countless strip malls make for no taxes and cheap living if you’re into zero scenery and ugly townhomes. with its losing sports teams and embar-ssing academics, vernon hill’s only claim to fame is that 2 minutes of my best friend’s wedding was shot there.
vernon hills is the sewer of the noth sh-r-.

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