veronica and van

veronica and van are 2 cute middle schoolers that are super popular yet none of their friends notice that each of them have a big, fat, crush on each other. they are both idiots and don’t know that the other has a crush on them, because of that they are too scared to tell anyone about their crushes. van is a tall, skinny, and typically handsome guy that gets exceptional(not the greatest) grades. veronica on the other hand is an amazingly beautiful and bright woman that makes bff’s in a wink of an eye, she’s an honor roll student with perfect grades and all the teachers adore her kindness and all the support she gives to others, she can bring out the best in anyone no matter their age, intelligence, wealth, race, nationality, or how they act. veronica has a big crush on van and thinks about him all the time, in her dreams, in school, anywhere and anytime. her crush on him gives her faith and hope, she always tries to be herself. van is pretty much exactly like veronica except the part about making bff’s easily, he has a lot of friends but not as many as veronica because he takes longer to get friends and they were hard for him to get. they are the perfect couple yet they are both scared what everyone else will think of their relationship, will their friends be jealous that their friend got the guy/girl that he/she liked, will they be disgusted by it, what will they think of me asking him/her out?, that’s what veronica and van always have on their minds.
veronica and van are just a cute couple to be trying to try and impress each other. example:”veronica is so cute today”thinks van staring at her. “omg van is so hot why don’t i just ask him out already?”thinks veronica gawking obviously but no one notices.

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