purveyor of perverted p-rnography, such as b-st–lity.
“that verotik is a real w-nker, but he’s got the nastiest s-x.”

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  • vertimologist

    the study of climbing a ladder only when fully extended whilst leaning against a building, and knowing that it will not fall. joe is not scared of climbing that ladder because he is a professional vertimologist.

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    hillary is stupid. idoasjfn she is mean to me. i can spelllllasd

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  • vicagious

    respiratory virus that can only be spread by email, not physical contact. so my mate blossom had a chest infection and emailed me in the uk and now i have it! it’s vicagious!

  • victorian perv

    a man who goes into victoria’s secret stores just to get catalogs woman: “hey, look at that victorian perv! he has so many catalogs!”

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