to be vertical is to be in a higher state of being, often induced through mind altering chemicals. most common of these chemicals, for those who often get vertical is marijuana.
i am vertical
vertical implies when you’re moving in a vertical fashion to clear an obstical.
“hey yo can you vertical this”
-jumps over medium height ladder-
the act of taking a handle, specifically of mccormicks, apple flavor, and tilting it until it is perfectly 180 degrees “vertical” and drinking as long as you can.
“we’re going back to his place to take a couple casual verticals.”

“good morning, i’m so plyat, want a vertical?”

“hey, he looks pretty gone/blacked out/hamsuaced, wanna vertical?”

hey wanna go take a few verticals in the gazebo?

hey wanna shot? no.. i’ll take a f-cking vertical!!!!

my summer is going to consist of verticals and vertricals..
a descriptive for easily surp-ssing your compet-tors
created by nicki minaj in the “nictionary”
i’m too vertical hoe!!!
(noun) jumping ability, traditionally understood within the context of basketball and generally not -ssociated with the skill set of white people
yo, that dawg tyreke has some serious vertical – he just gave that clown neil a facial
vertical is a 5 peice metal band that will take the world by storm with their kick-ss music. they are the breed under verical (followers of the 1 and only high g-d) and spread his message to ears all through the world. g-ds word has never sounded so good wahoo!
“i heard vertical play live, and dam they rock!!!”

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