a graffiti writer from london who is really good looking
wow vesa is amazing
the other word for awesome.
a man who is both smart and hot
the best bf in the world
some people may refer to themselves as vesa just to boost their confidence

vesa can also mean good employee, good friend and awesome in bed!!!
oh my you are so lucky to have vesa
an exteremely fallback videocard driver for linux. very painfully slow.
1.) i could not get the savage drivers to work, so i had to resort to vesa.
video electronics standards -ssociation

“vesa supports and sets industry-wide interface standards for the pc, workstation, and consumer electronics industries.”

most commonly known for their standard of mounting-brackets for pc monitors & tvs.
guy 1: “i’m getting a new tv with a wall-mount, but i don’t know witch ones, that will fit together.”
guy 2: “just get some that are vesa-compatible. they always fit.”
guy 1: “ok. thanks.”

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