a word used in reaction to being called a degenerate.
a degenerate eh? well you madam are a vestisio!

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    very good sense of humour. used in personal ads to make a point of how funny you are, when gsoh isn’t quite enough. 18 y.o female with vgsoh seeks similar male for nights out. ‘hey martin!’ ‘what?’ ‘i’m writing a personal ad. gsoh or vgsoh?’ ‘vgsoh, everytime.’

  • vidur

    g-d g-dlike like g-d vidur is g-d! vidur is g-dlike! vidur is like g-d!

  • Vicious Vulva

    when a woman has been so starved of s-xual activity that her v-lv- turns so vicious that it will devour any man that gets close to it. sarah has a vicious v-lv-.

  • Video Whore

    someone who records and posts copious amounts videos on various peoples walls (facebook) regardless of the closeness of the friendship. guy1: dude! karen just left me a video, told you she liked me guy2: so? she’s left one for everyone on her friends list guy1: dammit! my bad, she’s such a video wh-r-.

  • viewl

    the d-ck of a mule wow, alex hilt sucked the viewl

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