the abbreviated term for 80’s band van halen
i so admire david’s abilities, haggar is a better pure singer but roth is vh
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a very popular, but old model of the holden commodore, made from about 1981 to 1983. it came with three engine options: the infamous holden starfire 4 cylinder, the blue 202 3.3l 6, and the 4.2l 253 v8. its an old car, but its still a good and cheap car, and its very popular for people who like restoring commodores.
nice vh!
yeah well yesterday i blew the engine on my vh
i bought a vh today, my plans are to put in a 308, late model commodore interior and get it registered.
valley hustlahs. a click, gang, crew that was started in the 925 area.
yo god d-mn vh is here n-gg-
valley hustlahs. a click, gang, crew that was started in the 925 area.
yo god d-mn vh is here n-gg-
vh stands for ‘virtual hogwarts’ which is the state in which one has a dream or a nightmare about something to do with the harry potter series.
“dude, last night i had a vh!”
“did it have hermione or ginny?”
when a bald male/female inserts their head up a female’s v-g-n-. the inserter may flutter eyelashes to increase pleasure. also known as a v-g-n- head
“me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 months and things got really intense and his fist just wasn’t doing the trick. so he shaved his head and vh me. it was the most amazing experience of my life”
adj. a sh-t car which is less attractive then liz papadopoulous
“ooohhh look at da vh”

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