a very attractive fhm model.
hey look it’s vida. -gasm-
vida, meaning life, is very down-to-earth, and smart. smokin’ hot, and eco-friendly. a vida may also be stubborn. will never take no for an answer.
vida: can i borrow your scarf?
you: no sorry it’s my grandmothers.

vida: give me the scarf now.

you: -runs away in fear, leaving the scarf behind-
a s-xy little creauture! who loves to be around people, not selfish and always thinks of other, she is a great friend and will always be loyal and has a beautiful smile that most guys would die for
omg vida just smiled at me -tear-
an amazing chick, beautiful, good in bed, s-xy

when u see her you will fall in love
guy :wow vida was great in bed
a hot woman with a big -ss, usally a latin woman.
ay man! look at that vida! i’ma get that!

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