drake’s highly antic-p-ted alb-m that let down millions of people all across the m-sses but still went platinum after a week… 6 god
drake stans:yo drake just went platinum of views in like a week!

everyone else: do drake pay my bills doe…
to look at or see something.
i like viewing the content of urbandictoinary.
#view #viewing #see #seeing #look #looking
an eclectic outlook on life – each separate one treasured by the owner of such.
“my views are many and varied, none can be particularly boxed into a stereotype”
#view #vista #sight #sights #thoughts #feelings #gut feeling
to see the presences of a smexy one.
shut up my view is coming this way.
#see #seeing #view #veiwing #viewness #smexy #smexy one
gl-sses. lenses within a frame worn on people’s face to correct vision problems.
hey, are those new views? i like em!
#gl-sses #vision #lenses #frames #perception
to see the presences of a smexy one.
shut up my view is coming this way.
#see #seeing #view #veiwing #viewness #smexy #smexy one

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