short for ‘viral marketing’. an online marketing strategy that encourages people to p-ss on a marketing message. amusing and low-budget, a good internet viral campaign (e.g. “jerry tate: office linebacker”) will get surfers forwarding the ad to all of their friends to others, giving the company great word of mouth.
“fwd: check out this hilarious viral from hyundai!”
1. a website or video that has become instantly famous overnight via youtube or other popular media.

2. an already overused term by any group that is trying to encourage use of its facebook page or app.
did you see that numa numa dance? it has gone viral!

go viral by using our new app!
precious, rare, infrequent, one in a million kind.

– origin
sankrit, comes from the word virala

the english word viral means “continuously duplicating,” and can refer to a biological or computer virus.
that sunset scene was so viral.
people (plural) who do not accept perfectly legitimate words in scrabble.
the two adrienne’s were virals.
viral’s are really cool people. usually wear gl-sses and look very handsome, girls often find it hard to lay their hands of them. viral’s are always the coolest people to be around. you’re really lucky and blessed if you know a viral.
i know a guy called viral and he is exactly what i have described a viral as.
shorthand for actions or a person considered infectuously and exaggeratedly crazy, messed up, insane or (when used as an insult) highly foolish.
bro, your sister was acting viral again yesterday…
a very attractive young lady
“omg! look at the girl, shes so viral!”

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