Virtual Viking

a virtual viking is a person who regularly scours the internet for media like music and films and makes no attempt to ask permission for these wares and downloads them very non-chalantly. this activity is often illegal but gathers great mutual respect from fellow internet users and the rewards are understood to be a large saving in finances, money which would have otherwise been spent on buying the rights to download such materials.
in simple terms, if you have ever downloaded something that was not meant to be free on the internet, you are a “virtual viking”

the origins of the term stem from the scandinavian warriors of olde, who’s main activities during the invasion of a non-viking country were “raping and pillaging” the country they were in of its resources. this term is then applied in the above term as the “raping and pillaging” of the internet for digital media.
“holy sh-t dude, you downloaded 11 films by axxo in one night, and still had enough bandwidth to download every episode of ‘is it a good idea to microwave this?’ ?”

“yep…and cod4 was still lag free!”

“youre such a virtual viking”

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