a person that looks like a velociraptor and mr.popo from dbz
guy 1-guy 2
guy 1: boi why you look like a vishnu

guy 2:boi you look like my b-tthole after i eat mexican food
1.the hindu god of preservation. known to many as the most powerful deity.

2.a hot, pimpin indian guy.
a guy named vishnu shows up at a party. all girls walk over to him.
a loving god who cares for those who love him. known in his avatars of rama and krishna, there are eight other recognized avatars (including the buddha). vishnu’s chief consort is lakshmi, goddess of wealth and fortune. as shiva is known for his lingam, vishnu is known by his saligrama (a fossilized ammonite from the gandaki river) and normally holds a conch sh-ll, a chakra, a mace and a lotus. he rides the bird garuda and is often seen resting on the world serpent ananta.
vishnu is regarded as a major god in hinduism and indian mythology. he is thought as the preserver of the universe while two other major hindu gods brahma and shiva, are regarded respectively, as the creator and destroyer of the universe.
a born leader, a person who is sometimes knows as the ‘chairman’ of the group. a person who the group cant function without.
without (a) vishnu the group falls apart.
the dance or act or waving arms as if having multiple arms similar to the hindu deity. usually done when in the presence of the fondler, the aging townie with photography degree and a time-traveling pony-tail.
vishnu! vishnu!

walk like viiissshnuuuu (song to “walk like an egyptian” tune)

when your sucking on a t-tty and you get a shot of milk right in the eye
“d-mn! i was sucking on kristy frank’s b–bies and she gave me a f-cking vishnu!!”
a type of person that can’t keep their hands to themselves and talks sh-t about everything in its path to get to where they want to be. a person who can’t stand not being the center of attention. a human who needs to suck d-ck and choke on c-m!
girl one – “ayy girl, do you see that person standing their, they look like a vishnu”
girl two – “d-mn you right, that person is in the vishnu of everything”

both – “choke b-tch!!!”

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