the h-rny one, attractive, big on s-x, huge p-n-s. although this set aside, the most emotionally caring, great lover, best friend, trustworthy of all. amazing person. can be over sensitive when in love. purist heart.
“vittorio is just…italian”
usually a name p-ssed down from generations of italians.
this name means power and demands respect. people with the name vittorio are natural born leaders.
example vittorio manuel who united italy
an unpleasant person, usually very arragont and selfish with no respect for others. despite what a d-ck this person is, they usually have a large group of ‘scene’ followers that all want to be a vittorio too.
“someone stole my ipod from the party i was at, what a vittorio!”

“i can’t believe someone would do that to anyone, its so mean, its just like vittorio”
that s-xy -ss, buff -ss asian in your group that everyone likes, except for one person, and will always do the stupid sh-t.
woah. that kid was supes buff
was it vittorio?

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